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Mr Soft Top Dogwear

AllPetz Protect Shield 250ml

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AllPetz Protect Shield is the first microbial santiser spray developed for pets. 

AllPetz protect provides protection for both you and your pet. By spraying AllPetz Protect you are helping to stop any contact transfer of germs and pathogens, picked up from socialising with other animals or people, from your pet to you.

Spray on:

  • bedding,
  • collars, harnesses and leashes
  • cages
  • around food areas after cleaning

It is also safe to spray on:

  • paws
  • fur

to kill up to 99.9% of germs and protect your most precious family members.

AllPetz Protect Shield is 100% Alcohol Free, fragrance free and environmentally friendly (our active ingredient is derived from sand) .

It works by forming an antimicrobial protective layer that won't wash off and protects against as variety of pathogens including Norovirus, Ecoli, and Feline Coronovirus (the recognised surrogate to Covid-19).