Our Story

Luxury Apparel for Pampered Pooches

Mr Soft Top is New Zealand's premium producer of Dog Clothing.  Our tees, coats, raincoats, sweaters and accessories are all designed and made in New Zealand from wool, cotton and lycra fabrics and yarns.

Mr Soft Top is the passion of designer and owner Rachael Staples.  Rachael started Mr Soft Top in 2005 with custom made hand-knitted sweaters. 

 Merino Tees, Woolen Coats, Lycra Sun Protection tees as well as some fun Cotton and Spandex tops.  Pooches from all corners of the world are enjoying Mr Soft Top garments all year round.

You will find we have a high emphasis on wool across our range as wool provides the perfect layer of warmth for your pup.  From a sustainability perspective wool is the ultimate product.  Our yarns used in our sweaters all come from small boutique suppliers throughout New Zealand.

Thank you for visiting our store.  I know you and your pooch will love our garments.